Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thai Red Spicy Rice

Thai Red Spicy Rice

I have already posted the Thai green Curry Recipe. I made Thai Red Rice to go along with this. 

I have already posted the recipe for the Thai Red Curry. This spicy rice is made with the Thai Red Curry.

I used Jasmine Rice to make this recipe, however, if you are not used to this then you can use Basmati rice or any regular long grain rice.

Rice - 2 Cups
Water - 4 Cups
Onion- 2
Baby Potato - 2 cups (Boiled,peeled and poked)
Dry Chillies - 8
Lemon Grass/Lemon Rind - Little
Garlic - 6
Galangal - 2 inches (You can use normal Ginger also)
Corinader seeds - 1 Tablespoon
Jeera/Cumin Seeds - 2 teaspoon
Pepper corns - 1/2 Teaspoon
Salt and oil.


Boil the Onion in water. Meanwhile in a dry kadai, dry roast Coriander seeds,Cumin seeds, peppercorns.
No Need to roast them too much, just roast them till the aroma comes.

Remove the onion from the water. In a blender, add the roasted ingredients,onion,ginger,dry chillies,Lemon Grass and grind it. This is the Thai Red Curry. You can store in freezer for up to 10 days.

Wash and soak the rice for atleast 30 minutes. 

Meanwhile, take a kadhai and add a teaspoon of oil and toss the boiled,peeled and poked for couple of minutes with salt and keep it aside. 

In kadhai, add some oil, add the Thai Red Curry and cook till the raw smell goes off. then add the Potatoes,salt,coriander leaves and cook till everything comes together.

To this add the water from the rice and bring it to boil and then add the rice and salt and cook it covered.

Once it is cooked, garnish with steamed corn,basil leaves, groundnuts and sprouted moong and serve (As I packed this for lunch, I did not do the garnishing.  It tastes good without the garnishing too)


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