Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bread Chat

Due to back to Back Baking of Breads and Buns there was some Bread left at home. So I wanted to do something with those Breads in Desi Style.The result was this yummy simple Bread Chat.


Onion - 1 (Medium, Chopped)
Tomato - 1 (Medium, chopped)
Ginger Garlic Paste - 1/2 Teaspoon
Red Chilly Powder - 1/2 Teaspoon
Garam Masala - 1/4 Teaspoon
Turmeric Powder - 1/4 Teaspoon
Coriander Leaves, Salt and Oil
Leftover Bread/Buns - 1 Big Cup (Cut into pieces)
Salt and Oil.

Optional Ingredients (I have added all of them)
Roasted Peanuts - 7-10
Cashewnuts - 3 Broken
Amchur Powder or Dry Mango powder - 1/4 Teaspoon
Green Peas - 1 Tablespoon


Heat a pan with 1 tablespoon of oil, once the oil is hot enough add the Roasted Peanuts and Cashewnuts (Both are optional), and Saute.

After 30 seconds add the Onions and saute till they are done. Then add the tomatoes and cook till they are done. Then add the Ginger Garlic paste and Saute it for couple of minutes.

No add the Dry Masala Powders (Chilly powder,Garam Masala,Turmeric Powder,Amchur Powder) and saute.

If you are adding Green peas, add it at this stage.

Now saute them well and add salt. be careful with the salt as the bread will already have some salt.

Now saute the masala till the Raw flavour is gone. You can add 1/4 cup of water and cook till the Raw flavour is completely gone and the Peas are cooked well.

Now add the Bread pieces and toss it around.

Garnish with Coriander Leaves and squeeze a lemon. If you want, add a generous serving of Sev or Ompodi.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lunch menu 4 - Brown Rice, Vegetable Kurma, Tomato Rasam and Potato Kara curry

I had some Brown Rice left at home so I used it for my Lunch. I served it with some Vegetable Kurma, Rasam, Potato Kara Curry.

It tasted nice and was a complete meal.

Click on the below link for the Recipes

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Whole Wheat Bread

I am not a great fan of Whole Wheat Bread. Couple of time when I tried to make this I have got it usually very Dense.
So I was looking for the right recipe and that's when I came across the Recipe from Here. The website has some beautiful yet simple to make recipes.

The recipe is simple and the bread was not Dense and it tasted Heavenly. I am also sending this recipe for the Vegan Thursday Event hosted by Priya. 


Whole Wheat Flour - 3 Cups
Luke Warm Water - 1.5 Cups
Dry Yeast - 1.5 Teaspoon (1 Teaspoon Instant yeast, 1.5 teaspoon Active Dry or 3 teaspoon Fresh Yeast)
Sugar- 1 tablespoon
Salt - 1 Teaspoon
Oil - 1 Tablespoon (I used Olive Oil)


In a mixing bowl, place the luke warm water and add the sugar and stir it well. To this add the Dry yeast and cover with a plate and leave it aside till it is frothy.

In another mixing bowl, place the Wheat Flour and Salt and add Butter or Oil and mix it well. To this add the Yeast water and knead for 8-10 minutes or till you get a smooth pliable dough.

Now place this dough in a oiled bowl and cover it with a damp cloth and allow it to rise. This may take 1 Hour.

Once the Dough has doubled, bring the dough to the top of the kitchen counter and punch it down and knead for couple of minutes.

Then shape it into a loaf and place it in a greased Loaf tin. Cover it lightly with a damp clotha nd allow it to rise for 30-45 minutes.

After 30-45 minutes, Bake it in a Pre heated Oven for 30 minutes at 180C and Broil for 5 minutes.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pumpkin Soup

I have actually seen a lot of baking recipes which has Pumpkin Puree,however I have always stayed away from them as I was not sure if I would like it.

One evening, during a chit chat with my mom, we were discussing about cooking shows of TV and she shared this recipe with me that was said in some TV show. When I questioned her about How she thiks it will taste, she said I am sure it will taste Great.I also referred here.

So I got a little confidence from her words so tried my hands on this pumpkin soup and my verdict It was AWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEsome...

Recipes with Pumpkin Puree, here I come.

Yellow Pumpkin - 300 Grams (I washed the Pumpkin, removed the seeds and used it  with skin)
Yellow Moong Dal - 1/4 Cup (Washed and Soaked in a cup of water)
Green Bell Pepper - 1/4 Cup (Optional)
Potato - 1 (Cubed Optional)
Oil - 1 Tablespoon (I used Olive Oil)
Salt and Pepper
Asafoetida - A pinch
Almonds - 3 (Sliced - Optional)


In a pressure cooker, Add a Tablespoon and Asafoetida. Immediately add the veggies and saute for 5-8 minutes. Then add the soaked Yellow moong dal with the water and saute for minute.

Add enough water and cook it for 3 whistles on low flame.

Allow to the steam to go naturally.

Once it is cooled, blend the Vegetable and Dal in a blender.

Pour the Puree back to the pressure cooker and add Salt and Pepper to match your taste. You can also add water as per the consistency you want.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tomato Soup

I love Home made soups. I think Soups are very much comforting and you feel so good after a good Bowl of Soup.

This recipe is to make the most famous Tomato Soup.


Tomato - 1 (Big, Chopped)
Onion - 1 (Medium, Chopped)
Green Bell Pepper - 1 (Medium, Chopped- Optional)
Potato - 1 (Medium, chopped - Optional)
Olive Oil - 1 Teaspoon
Black Pepper Powder - 1 Tablespoon or to taste
Butter - 2 Tablespoon
Maida - 1 Tablespoon


In a pressure cooker, add a tablespoon of Olive Oil and saute all the vegetables for 5 minutes. Then Pour water to cover the vegetables.

Cook it for 2 whistles on a medium flame and then allow the steam to go down naturally.

Then strain the veggies and water. Preserve the water. Take the cooked vegetables to a blender and make a puree.

If you want you can strain the Puree, but I did not do it.

Now In the same pressure cooker, add 2 Tablespoon of butter and Maida and Saute for 5 minutes or till the raw flavor of Maida is gone. Now switch off the stove and add the Tomato Puree into it little by little and mix it well without any lumps.

Use the Preserved water to adjust it to the required consistency.

Now Put the cooker back on the stove and cook till it begins to Boil.

Add Salt and Black pepper to taste and serve with Foccaccia or Pav.


If you don't want, you can skip the butter and Maida step completely.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Lunch Menu 3 (Mushroom Peas Pulav, Triangle Paratha, Baby Potatoes in Thai Red Curry, Curd Rice)

This Lunch menu has South Indian , North Indian and International Recipe

Click on the below Links for the Recipe

Mixed Vegetable Kurma/Korma

Usually we eat Kurma with Roti or Paratha, Have you ever tried it with Rice, they just taste awesome. This is one of my mom's signature dish and she sneaks in a load of veggies in it. The colour of this Kurma couldbe different if you are not using beet root.


Onion - 1 (Medium, Chopped)
tomato - 1 (Medium, Chopped)
Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 Teaspoon
Turmeric Powder - a Pinch
Red Chilly Powder - 1 Tablespoon
Green Chilly - 1 (Slit)
Coriander Powder - 1/2 Tablespoon
Garam Masala - 1/2 Teaspoon
Bay Leaf - 1
Coconut Paste - 1/4 Cup
Mixed Veggies - 2 Cups (Par Boiled Potato,Cauliflower,Peas,Carrot,Beetroot)
Salt and Oil


In a pan, heat some Oil and add the Bay leaf and after 10 seconds, add the Onions and cook. Once the Onions are cooked add the Tomato and cook it is mushy. Then add the Ginger Garlic paste and saute.

After 2 minutes, add the veggies and saute them well.

After 5 minutes, add the Dry masala powders (Chilly powder, Turmeric powder, Garam masala and Coriander Powder) and saute.

After couple of minutes add some water (Say 2 cups) and cook the vegetables with lid on.

Once the veggies are cooked and the raw flavor of the Masala is gone, add the coconut paste and stir. Switch off and serve.


If you are using Potatoes,use  par boiled Potatoes.

Sometimes,I add all the veggies and water and cook it in pressure cooker for 2 whistles. If you just cut the veggies appropriately it will not get over cooked and will save lot of time.

Just depending on their cooking time, cut them into Big or small pieces and pressure cook them.

Coconut Paste is made by Grinding the grated coconut with required amount of water to a smooth paste consistency. If you want you can add Poppy seeds to this too. However, grinding Poppy seeds is not easy I will write a post on how to grind Poppy seeds.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Potato Kara Curry 

This is one dish I make very often to serve with Sambhar or Rasam. This is very simple to make and it is very tasty and goes well with Sambhar.


Potato - 1/2 Kg (Boiled, peeled and Diced)
Mustard Seeds - 1/2 Teaspoon
Urad Dhall - 1/2 Teaspoon
Gram Dhall - 1/2 Teaspoon
Groundnuts - 1/2 Teaspoon
Asafoetida - One Pinch
Chilly Powder - 1 Tablespoon
Turmeric Powder - 1/4 Teaspoon
Salt and Oil


In a pan, heat a tablespoon of Oil. Once the Oil is hot, add the Mustard seeds and allow them to splutter. Once they are splutter add the Gram Dhall,groundnuts and Urad Dhall and cook for 30 seconds. Then add Asafoetida and add the Boiled Potato.

Toss them around. cook for 5-7 minutes still the Potato gets nice colouring and then add chilly powder and Turmeric Powder and toss it.

Cook for another 5-8 minutes or till the raw smell is gone.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Rasam - Quick version

Rasam is one staple food in any South Indian kitchen. There are so many versions of Rasam available. I make Rasam almost every Day as part of our meal. Usually when I make it in this style, I don't do any seasoning. However If you want you can do the seasoning and I have given the ingredients and steps for that too.

This version is something I do when I don't have time. It is shortcut, however it will taste good.


For Rasam:
Tomato - 1(Medium)
Pepper Powder - 1 Teaspoon
Cumin Seeds Powder - 1 Teaspoon
Garlic Pods - 4 (Crushed)
Tamarind Juice -Extracted from Lemon Size tamarind soaked in 1.5 cups of water
Asafoetida - A pinch
Jaggery - a very small piece
Curry Leaves - 5

For Seasoning:

Cumin Seeds/Mustard Seeds/Whole Black Pepper - 1/2 Teaspoon Each
Garlic - 4 (Crushed)
Coriander Leaves - For Garnishing.


In a Pan, add all ingredients given Under for Rasam except the Tamarind, check for taste and adjust Salt and Pepper accordingly.

Allow it to boil with covered lid till the Tomatoes are mushy.

Then add the Tamarind Juice and cook for 5-7 minutes or till the Raw flavor of the Tamarind is gone. Garnish with Lots of Coriander Leaves.

If you wish to do the seasoning,In a mortar and pestle Crush the Garlic, Cumin Seeds and Pepper coarsely.
Place a Tadka pan with a teaspoon of Oil and add the Mustard and once it splutters add the Crushed Garlic-Whole pepper - Cumin seeds and saute for 30 seconds and this tempering to the prepared Rasam.

Tastes best when served with Rice and Arbi Fry.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pav Bread

I have made Pav Bread many times. however, I forgot to take their pictures. So this time I took a snap the moment they were out of the oven.

Believe me once you have tasted Home made Bread, you will never have it from outside. This time when I made Pav, I did not make Pav Bhaji. I used as a accompaniment with a simple Tomato Soup.


Maida - 7 Cups
Dry yeast - 1 Tablespoon
Sugar - 1 teaspoon
Salt - 1 Teaspoon
Luke Warm Water - 3.5 Cups
Butter - 7 Tablespoon


In a mixing Bowl, place the Luke warm water and sugar. TO this add the yeast and let it rest for 10 minutes or till the mixture becomes frothy.

In another bowl, place the Maida, salt and butter and mix well. To this add the yeast mixture and knead for 10 minutes so we get a soft pliable dough.

Place this in a greased bowl for 1 hour and cover it with a Damp cloth. The dough would have doubled in 1 hour.

Meanwhile, take a baking tray and place an aluminium foil and smear some oil on the Foil.

Now bring the doubled dough to the kitchen counter and knead it for couple of minutes.

Divide the dough into golf sized balls and arrange the on the greased Tray. Place them touching each other.

After placing the Dough balls on the tray cover it with a damp cloth and allow them t rise for 30-45 minutes.

After 30-45  minutes, bake them in a Pre Heated Oven for 30 Minutes.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Lunch Menu 2 (Peas Jeera Pulao,Baby Corn Fritters,Dal Fry,Paneer Makhani,Rasmalai and Gobi Fry)

In this week Lunch menu I am sharing a north Indian Platter.

Click on the Links below for the Recipes

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Moong Dal Fry

According to me, Moong Dal has the best taste. It brings a wonderful texture and taste to the dish. another advantage is that it cooks faster than any other Dal and usually gets done in 2 whistles if you soak it for 15 minutes. I am  sharing with you a basic Dal Fry recipe today.


Yellow Moong Dal  - 1 Cup (Washed and Soaked in 3 cups of Water)
Turmeric powder and Asafoetida - A pinch each
Onion - 1 (Small, chopped)
Tomato - 1(Small, chopped)
Garlic - 5 Pods (chopped)
Mustard Seeds and Cumin Seeds - 1/2 Teaspoon each
Ginger - 1/2 Inch (chopped)
Asafoetida - A Pinch
Red Chilly powder - 1/2 Tablespoon
Coriander powder, Cumin Powder - 1/2 teaspoon each
Corinader Leaves - to garnish
Salt, Oil or Ghee


Cook the Soaked Moong Dal with Turmeric powder and asafoetida for 3 whistles. Masg it well and Keep this aside.

In a pan, heat 1 tablespoon of Oil or Ghee or a mixture of both. Once the oil is warm, add the mustard seeds and once they splutter add the Cumin seeds and allow it to splutter.

Then add the onion and saute. Once the Onion is done, add the Tomatoes, Garlic and Ginger and cook till the tomatoes becomes mushy.

To this add Red Chilly powder, Coriander powder and cumin powder and saute for few minutes. Saute the mixture till the Raw flavor is gone. If you think the masala might burn add the water from the dal.

Once the mixture is cooked, add the Dal and cook it covered for 5 minutes.

Garnish with Coriander leaves and Serve. 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Paneer Makhani 

Paneer Makhani is a rich dish made with Loads of Butter, Cashew etc. As I did not want to have loads of Butter, I have added Cashew Coconut paste to give the rich and creamy texture and omitted butter completely.


Onion - 1 (Big, roughly Chopped)
Tomato - 1 (Medium, Roughly Chopped)
Ginger - 1/2 inch
Garlic - 8 Pods
Red Chilly powder - 1 Tablespoon
Garam Masala - 1/2 teaspoon
Cumin Powder - 1/2 Teaspoon
Corinader Powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Paneer - 1 Cup (200 grams cut into cubes)
Coconut - 2 Tablespoon (Grated)
Cashewnuts - 8 pieces
Salt and oil/Butter


Soak the Paneer in warm water. I do not prefer to roast my Paneer as it makes the Paneer hard and rubbery.

If I make it at home then I do not soak them in warm water, however if it is store bought, w need to soak it in warm water.

In a Pan, warm a tablespoon of oil and saute the onion. once the onion is cooked, add the tomato and cook till it is mushy.

Then add the Ginger, Garlic, Red chilly powder, garam masala, cumin powder, coriander powder and saute for 5- 6 minutes.

If you think your mixture may burn, there is no harm in sprinkling some water.

After the mixture is cooked, bring it to room temperature and blend it to a paste using a mixer or blender.

Meanwhile, Add the coconut and Cashew in another blender and grind them into a smooth paste.

Now in a pan, take a tablespoon of oil and add this mixture and cook till all the Raw flavour is gone.

Now add the Coconut - Cashew paste and saute for 3-4 minutes on a low flame.

Drain the paneer and add the Paneer to the mixture in the stove and saute for 2-3 minutes. Do not over do this as the Paneer may crumble.

Serve with Vegetable Biriyani or Jeera Pulao.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Lunch Menu 1 (Coconut Milk Rice and Potato Gravy)

Whenever I have to put a lunch menu together I am totally confused, My mom says that's because I am a Libran. So I thought to post some Lunch, Breakfast and Brunch ideas too in the blog.

So here we go with the first Lunch Menu. This one is very simple and just 2 items yet it has a richness to it.

Click on the Below links for the Recipes:

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Gobi Fry / Gobi Sukhi Sabzi

I made this as part of my New Year Lunch menu. As I had already made Moong Dal Fry and Paneer Makhani, I wanted to make a Dry Vegetable so Gobi Fry.


Cauliflower Florets - 1 Cup (Cut into Florets and soaked in Salt water)
Cumin Seeds - 1/2 teaspoon
Asafoetida - A pinch
Red Chilly Powder - 1 Tablespoon
Turmeric Powder - A pinch
Garam Masala - a Pinch
Salt and Oil


In a pot, boil 2-3 cups of water with a pinch of salt. Once the water starts to boil, add the florets and leave it for 2 minutes. Then switch off the flame and cover the pot and keep it aside for 10 minutes or so.

After 10 minutes, drain the water and keep the florets aside.

Heat a pan with tablespoon of Oil, add Cumin seeds and allow them to splutter. Then add the Cauliflower florets and toss. Leave the Cauliflower for about 5-6 minutes in the pan, tossing in between to ensure that it does not burn.

After 5 minutes, add Garam Masala,Asafoetida,Turmeric Powder and Red Chilly powder and toss it.

Cook it till the Raw flavour of the masala powder is gone, this may take about 5-7 minutes. Then add Salt and toss it and Serve.

It tastes great with Rice and Sambhar or with Roti.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Rasmalai - A sweet beginning to the New Year

Happy New Year to all of you.  

My FB status on 31st December 2013 was “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.” — Brad Paisley 

So I decided to write the 1st page with a sweet. 

I have made this recipe with Store bought Rosagullas. You can make these Rosagullas at home too. They are pretty easy to make and will make and post the recipe for Rosagullas some time soon.


Rosagullas - 1 Box (I used Haldirams and they had 8 Rosagullas)
Milk - 1/2 Litre + 2 Tablespoons
Saffron - Few Strands
Sugar - 1/4 Cup


Take the Saffron in 2 Tablespoons of warm milk and mix and keep it aside.

In a pan, add 1/2 Litre of milk and cook it on Low flame till it becomes half the quantity. Stir them in between to avoid the milk from burning.

Meanwhile, Strain the sugar syrup from the Rosagullas. Squeeze them lightly so you can seperate as much as sugar syrup as possible.

Once the milk is reduced to half its quantity, add the saffron milk and sugar and stir it well till it all comes together and switch off the flame.

When this Milk is warm, add the squeezed Rosagullas and keep in Fridge for 3-4 Hours.

It tastes yummy when it is served Chill.

  • If you want you can add ghee roasted buts like Pista,Cashew,Badam etc. It will make the Rasmalai rich.
  • If you wan you can little more sugar to taste your taste buds. The amount I have specified will be just right, it wont be too sweet or less sweet
  • If you want you can add cream or condensed milk to this recipe. It will make it much more creamy. If you want to add them add 2-3 Tablespoonsto the Milk  before adding the Rosagullas 
  • If you dont want to add Saffron, you can leave it. However the aroma and colour may differ. 
I am sending this post to the  Foodabulous Fest Event organised by SimplyTADKA and hosted by Esho-Bosho-Aahare