Thursday, 7 July 2016

Meal Preparation - Chopping, Base gravy etc for Indian Vegetarian Meal

Meal Preparation
Saturdays are usually a busy day for me as I spend most of my time to prepare for my weekday Meals.
I will chop my veggies, prepare My base gravy, soak and Make sprouts, Peel Garlic, Make my Ginger Garlic paste etc. So today I am going to share some prep that I did in my kitchen for the weekday.
I usually wash and dry all my veggies before chopping them. So that's the 1st thing I do as soon as I get up so the veggies are dried off. Even a drop of water on the veggies would spoil the whole pack, so be super careful. I also pat them dry between 2 kitchen towels before chopping them.
We consume loads of vegetables so I prepare loads of them, you can prepare them based on your consumption.

  • Wash and pat dry all your veggies for chopping.
  •  Prepare the Base Gravy and allow it to cool. Click here  for details on how to prepare this.
Take your French beans, Broad Beans etc and remove the strings and chop them as per the required size.
Peel the carrot skin and chop them, I needed them as Sticks so I have chopped them accordingly. .
Shred the cabbage and store.
Peel the Garlic Skin and keep it for later use like for making Tadka, Sauce etc.
I also got some Parwal , so I have cut them into Juliennes.
And some Bitter gourd sliced (This is not regular BG, I think its called as Kolkotta BG)
I also made some Schezuan Sauce , Click here for recipe
Also make Sprouts you require for the week and store them. Click here on How to make Sprouts.
Some Tips:
Invest in some Tupperware and Zip Lock bags. They help a long way in storing the prepared Veggies and Gravy.
I don't chop Watery veggies as in my experience , they spoil faster if they are chopped.
I also prepare Ginger Garlic paste and store them.
While packing, separate the portion you would cook and store them. Once you take them our of the refrigerator don't try to Freeze them again.
I also buy loads of Peas when they are in season and peel them and store them in smaller portions.


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