Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Potato Cheese Cutlets/Potato Cheese Tikki

Potato Cheese Cutlets

Who does not love Potatoes? That too Potato and Cheese is a such a heavenly and sinful combination. So I decided to make this Potato Cheese Cutlet. If you have boiled potatoes it will make only couple of minutes to get this amazing snack.


Potato - 2 (Medium, boiled and mashed)
Green Peas - 1/4 Cup (Boiled and roughly mashed)
Cheese - 3-4 Tablespoon (I used grated Mozzarella)
Green Chillies - 2 (Finely Chopped or you can use Chilly Sauce)
Garam masala - 1/4 Teaspoon
Salt - as per taste
Oil - for Tawa Fry
Maida/Rice flour/Corn Flour - 1 Tablespoon (Anyone of these Flour)


Mash the Potatoes without any lumps. In a mixing Bowl, add all ingredients except Oil and mix them well.

Slightly wet your hands, make a Lemon Sized ball of the mixture and pat into Tikki.

Meanwhile, warm the non stick Tawa and add 2 tablespoon of oil.

In the heated Tawa, arrange the tikki and cook till it is golden brown on all sides.

Serve with Tomato Ketchup or Cheesy Dip (I will post this recipe soon)


You may add any of the flour to help you get the right consistency. However, too much of the flour will spoil the taste of the Cutlet.

The trick is to reduce the moisture in the potatoes as much as possible. The best solution is use a steamer to boil your Potato, instead of cooking them in Pressure cooker.

If you are using Pressure cooker, then dont leave the potato in the cooker once it is done. Remove them immediately from the water.

Lets say, in your cooker it takes 2 whistles for the potatoes to get cooked. After 2 whistles, switch off the flame and put the pressure cooker under cold running water for few minutes, so the pressure inside is completely released.Once the pressure is completely released, Then you can open the pressure cooker and remove the potatoes from the water, peel them and mash them. 


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