Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Potato Peas Podimas/Alo Mutter Sukhi Sabzi/Urulai Pattani Poriyal

Potato Peas Podimas/Alo Mutter Sukhi Sabzi/Urulai Pattani Poriyal

This is been a very long that my Bro wrote a recipe for me. So I told him to send me some recipes. The first one he selected was the humble,simple yet super delicious Potato Peas Podimas.

If you want to post any of your recipes, please send me your recipes with picture to sowjanyaalok@gmail.com and I will post it in my blog.

From Rajesh's Desk

This is probably a very common dish in Tamil Nadu. It goes really well with virtually any dishes with rice. However, I had this with chapathis, and it was not bad at all!

Potatoes – 2 big ones or more
Green Peas – 50 gms (boiled)
Onions – 1
Dry red chillies – 1 or 2
Garlic – 2 cloves, finely chopped
Oil – 2 tablespoon
Little of mustard seeds and cumin seeds.
Pinch of asafoetida, and a teaspoon of chilli powder.
Salt to taste


Boil the potatoes, and de-skin them.
In the meantime, heat a pan and add little oil. 
Then add mustard seeds, dry chillies, and asafoetida and then chopped garlic. 
Add onions now, and sauté till golden brown. 
Now add the boiled potatoes and green peas. 
The boiled potatoes can be either cut into cubes, or mashed.
 Regarding green peas, they need to be a bit cooked, but not overcooked. 
So the method that I follow is, after the potato is boiled, add the peas to the hot water in which the potato was boiled, and leave it for 2-5 minutes. This will get the peas in the right consistency. It will neither be hard, nor be over-cooked. 
Now, mix the potatoes, peas and the onions well. 
Add a little chilli powder. 
You can also add a bit of masala powder, to add some flavour to it. 
Add salt to taste, and you now have a very tasty and favourite south Indian side dish ready!!


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