Saturday, 31 August 2013

Varalakshmi Vratam - Boli/Poli


I had shared my Varalakshmi Vratam Menu. The main Prasadham for this was Boli. I made it with Gram Dhall -Jaggery Stuffing. I plan to make the savoury version like Sri Krishna Sweets soon.

The Boli that I have made is little thick,it is completely up to you on how thick or thin you want to make this to be.


Gram Dhall - 1 Cup
Jaggery - 1 Cup
Maida - 2 Cups


Soak and boil the Gram dhall. When it is hot itself, drain all the water. Dont throw this we can use it in Sambhar or Rasam.

If the Dhall is till after draining,dry it in a Kitchen towel. Then Run in a mixer. It will give a dry powder,not completely dry though.

Put this in a Kadai and add grated Jaggery and keep on stirring it till the mixture becomes thick.

Once it is thick allow it to cool and make Lemon Sized balls with the mixture.

Meanwhile, Knead Maida into a dough with a pinch of salt,2 tablespoon of Ghee and water. Make this Madia Dough into Balls.

Madia balls should be half the size of the Jaggery Balls.

Take a aluminium foil or Zip lock cover,grease it with Ghee.

Place the maida Ball on this and using hands spread it and then Place the Jaggery Ball on it.

Now Pull the Madia Ball from all sides so that the Jaggery Ball is stuffed in Madia.

Then spread into a thin Roti.

Cook this on a Tawa and Serve it hot with Ghee.


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