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Venn Pongal

Venn Pongal

Pongal is a delicious recipe. It is a great comfort food. It can be too tempting to eat a lot. Do eat if you are on a holiday as you tend to feel so sleepy if you eat Pongal in large quantities. In moderation it is a perfect food to have during any time of the day.

As I made this for Adivelli I went little liberal with Ghee/Clarified Butter. You can vary it to suit you.

It tastes amazing with Eggplant Gotsu and Medu vada.

Raw Rice - 1 Cup
Split Yellow Moong Dal - 1/2 - 3/4 Cup
Water - 6 Cups
Ghee - 3 Tablespoon
Black Peppercorn - 10 Nos
Cumin - 1/2 Teaspoon
Curry Leaves - 4Nos
Cashew Nuts - 12 Nos
Salt - As per your taste.
Asafoetida - A pinch


Wash and Soak rice and Moong Dhall for 30 minutes.

In a Pan, add a Tablespoon of ghee on a slow flame. Now drain the water and add the Rice and Moong Dal to the heated pan with ghee and toss it around till the Rice and Dal fluffs up slightly. This may take 5 minutes.

In a pressure cooker, add another tablespoon of ghee and once it is melted add Cumin seeds and pepper corns and toss for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds add the drained water and allow it to boil.

To the boiling water add salt and tossed rice and dal. Cover the pressure cooker and allow it to cook for 5-6 whistles.

Cook till the Rice and Dal becomes Mushy.

Now in a pan, add the remaining ghee, add some Cumin Seeds, coarsely crushed Pepper corns, Curry leaves and Asafoetida and cook it for 20 seconds.

Add this to the cooked Rice-Dal Mixture. Our Pongal is ready to be served.


  • You can Make this Pongal with Oil too
  • If you want to add less ghee, then skip the roasting of Rice and Dal in Ghee process. You can also skip the part of adding ghee and tossing the Cumin seeds and pepper corns before adding the Rice - Dal.
  • You can just cook the rice - Dal in cooker with required amount of water. Then add a tablespoon of ghee and add the Cumin seeds,peppercorns,cashew,Curry leaves and Asafoetida and add it to the Rice - Dal Mixture.
  • You can make this in Electric Rice Cooker also. The process is the same.


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