Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ganesh Chathurthi - Sweet Kozhukattai/Mothagam

Sweet Kozhukattai/Mothagam

I have already posted the recipe for the Kara Kozhukattai. This one is the sweet variation. The Outer layer recipe is the same as in Verum Arisi Adai. For the stuffing you can use the stuffing that we made for Boli too.

However, I have used a simple Coconut-Jaggery Stuffing.

For the Outer Layer:

Processed Rice Flour - 1 Cup
Water - As required (I needed about 3 Cup)
Salt - To Taste
Oil - 1 Teaspoon

For the Stuffing:

Jaggery - 1 Cup (Grated)
Coconut - 1 Cup (Grated)


In a pan, add the Grated Jaggery and Grated Coconut and keep on stirring them for 5-6 minutes. You will know that they are cooked, once it becomes thick and leaves the sides of the wall.

Once the Mixture is warm (Bearable heat), wet your hands with some water/oil.

With greased hand, divide the mixture into 8 balls. Keep this covered till the Outer Layer is prepared.

Outer Layer:

In a vessel, add the Rice Flour add Salt. To this add Boiling water and mix well using a wooden spatula. Then rest it for about 3-5 minutes.

When the dough is slightly warm, knead it using your hands for 5 minutes till it frms a smooth dough.

Always keep this dough covered with a kitchen towel, as the Kozhukattai will crack if the flour drys up.

Making Kozhukattai

Grease your fingers with oil. Take a Lemon sized ball of rice flour. Slowly make a hollow cup using your fingers. Once you have the cup, place the Stuffing mixture and seal the cup.

Once, you have done it with all the rice flour, steam it for 5-8 minutes in a Idly pot/Steamer.


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