Sunday, 4 October 2015

Kala Channa Pulav with Coconut Milk (Black ChickPeas - Coconut Milk Rice)

Kala Channa Pulav with Coconut Milk (Black ChickPeas - Coconut Milk Rice)

I had soaked some Black Chickpeas and made second 2nd Milk, so I decided to use them together. Believe you in me the End result was Yummy. Its So easy and is a One Pot Dish. 


Onion - 1 (Medium, Chopped)
Tomato Puree - Made from 1 Tomato (You can chop and add it too or skip this completely)
Red Chilly powder - 1 Teaspoon
Ginger Garlic Paste - 1/2 teaspoon
Garam Masala - 1/4 Teaspoon
Soaked Black Chickpeas - 1/4=1/2 Cup (Depending on your reference, I used 1/2 Cup)
Green Chilly - 1 Slit
Rice - 1 Cup (Washed and Soaked in 1/2 cup of water for 30 minutes)
Think Coconut Milk - 2 Cups 
Oil - 1 Tablespoon
Salt - To taste 

  • Heat some oil in a Pressure cooker, once the OIl is hot add some onions and fry them till they are translucent.
  • Then add the Tomato Puree and saute, add the Ginger Garlic paste. 
  • Cook till the Tomato is done and then add the Chilly Powder and Garam masala and saute.
  • Add the Black chickpeas to this and saute well.
  • Allow it to cook for 5 minutes till the masala is cooked well.
  • To this add the coconut milk, required Salt and soaked rice and cover it with a lid.
  • Cook it for 4 whistles and then switch off the flame and allow it to cool of its won.
  • If you are using store bought Coconut Milk, add water and make it really thin.
  • I made coconut milk at home. Grate the coconut and add it to boiling water and set aside for 10 minutes. Then pass it through a muslin cloth and squeeze the milk and use. I used 1/2 medium coconut and 3 cups of water. I used 2 cups of coconut milk for this rice.
  • Take a tall vessel as the milk may spill.
  • It is easier to make in a electric rice cooker. Add the rice and coconut milk in the electric cooker. In a kadai,do the sauté of masala and onion and add it to the Rice coconut mixture in the cooker and cook. 
  • My rice usually takes 2.3 cups of water to get cooked so I have used 2 cups of coconut milk and 1/2 cup of water.
  • Depending on your ice, adjust the amount of liquid. 
  • You can add Mint leaves if your want.


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