Saturday, 18 May 2013


Dal Baati

As promised I am posting the recipe on How to make Baati and how to serve the Dal baati.

We have already made Panchemela Dal


Whole Wheat Flour - 2 cups
Baking Soda - 1/2 Teaspoon
Oil - 2 Tablespoon
Curd - 1/2 Cup
Salt - To Taste
Green Chillies - 1 teaspoon (Finely Chopped)
Ginger -  1 teaspoon (Finely Chopped)
Garlic -  1 teaspoon (Finely Chopped)


In a bowl, Mix wheat flour, salt and the baking soda. Add 2 tablespoon of oil, green chillies,Ginger and garlic.Add the curd and knead the dough. Add some water and knead a stiff dough.

After kneading it to a stiff dough, smear some oil and cover it and allow it to rest for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, take a baking tray and place a aluminium foil and smear it with few drops of oil. Preheat the oven at 180 Degree Celsius.

After 10 minutes, knead for a minute and make golf sized balls and place it in the field baking tray and place it in the oven at 180 Degree Celsius and cook it for 5-8 minutes and then flip and cook for 5-8 minutes.

How to Serve Dal Baati:


  • Dal 
  • Baati
  • Ghee - at room temperature
  • Coriander leaves - Finely Chopped
  • Onion - Finely Chopped
  • Green Chillies - Finely Chopped


 Take a bowl, crumble 3-4 Bati (don't break them too much,just break it into 3-4 pieces), Add lots and lots of Dal. Add some ghee, lots of Onion, some green chillies and coriander leaves and ENJOY!!!


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