Saturday, 11 May 2013

Melon Cooler

Watermelon Cooler

Chennai is hot,hottest and hotter already, Being a chennaite,even  I feel the heat is unbearable. I was telling my hubby today, I am not hungry but continuously feeling thirsty and was drinking liters and liters of water.

In next few minutes, hubby came with a big Jar of Water Melon Juice,

Oh god, what a relief!!!

It quenched my thirst within minutes and I felt refreshed. It is a must have for Chennai Summer.

I know all of you would know how to make Watermelon Juice, still thought to post as I liked the pic.


Watermelon - Cut and Diced
Sugar - Little to enhance the taste (Optional)


Run the watermelon with sugar in the juicer for few minutes. Than strain it with a small eye strainer and drink.

So easy right. But it tastes heavenly.


  • You can add ginger/Mint leaves to it. It brings a refreshing feel to this juice.


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