Saturday, 4 May 2013

My Passion

Hi all,

I can't even imagine that cooking would become my passion. Before getting married I have never entered the kitchen as mom would cook and keep everything ready on time. She makes perfect combinations and extremely tasty food.

She also never would allow me to enter the kitchen. She would always say you must be tired and she will cook.

After marriage only , like some girls I also entered the kitchen. My hubby is a big foodie and an excellent cook too.SO pressure was more on me.

Thanks to my moms cooking skills , it got into my DNA I believe. Even though I have not cooked , I have always watched her cook and prepare delicacies so with that started cooking.

Whenever I used to enter the kitchen the statement that mom said will ring in my head "the best way to enter the man's heart is his stomach" and build pressure.

So with my mom's words, her culinary skills in my DNA, my hubby's appetite I entered kitchen.

I plan to post some food that I cook at home. The intent is to have a digital copy of my recipes inspired by my mom's cooking and the digital world.



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