Thursday, 30 May 2013

Manchurian Gravy Base

Manchurian Gravy Base

 This is the base I usually use to make a chinese cuisine, whether it is Schezuan fried Rice,Schezuan Potatoes or Manchurian.


Stock - 2 Tablets
Ajinomoto - Pinch
Schezwan Sauce - 1 tablespoon
Dash of Chilli Sauce,White Vinegar,Soya Sauce.
Pepper Powder and Salt.


I always have stock of Vegetable stock. I used to store them in fridge. But these days, given the power cuts in Chennai I don't store them. So I buy and Keep Maggi Stock Tablets. It is easy to store and Use.

In this recipe, I have used the tablets. All you have to do is take some hot water and put these stock tablets for 2 minutes and mix them.

To this stock,add ajinomoto,chilli sauce,soya sauce,white vinegar,Schezwan sauce and pepper powder. Adjust the quantity to your taste. While adding salt,be careful as the stock,sauce and Ajinomoto will have some salt.

This is the basic sauce I use in my Chinese Cuisine.


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