Sunday, 16 June 2013

Chocolate Glaze - Double Boiling

Chocolate Glaze - Double Boiling

In my recipe Chocolate Cake, I did a Chocolate glaze on the cake. In today's post let us cook at the technique known as "Double Boiling " which is used to prepare Chocolate sauce/Glaze.

We use the double boiling technique as chocolate will burn if we put it directly on stove.

Double Boiling is used in lot of recipes,to cook gelatin and egg custard in Mousse.

Let us learn this technique so we can make Mousse in future.

 How to Set a Double Boiler?

We need 2 pots, one that is bigger and another smaller. Put some water in the bigger pot and place the smaller pot of top of the bigger pot.  The idea of Double boiling is that the water should not enter the smaller pot. however, it should get the steam from the water.

Please ensure that there is no gap between the Bigger pot and Small pot. If there is a gap, all steam will escape and it will take a long time for the chocolate sauce to be made.
Now we have made the double boiler ready. Lets make Chocolate Sauce.

Chocolate Sauce
Usually Chocolate is available as bars in the market. Chop the required amount of chocolate and place it in the top vessel of the Double Boiler.

Now switch on the flame. When the water starts boiling, the steam will melt the chocolate in the top vessel.

Stir the chocolate (preferably with a wooden spatula) continuously. After 5 minutes the Sauce will be ready to glaze the Cake and ....? One more favourite dish of all of us... Thats Donuts.


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